People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

A charming confidant. Italic, but without the slant. Buying options
A flare-serif socialite. Elegant and affable at once. Buying options
A trustworthy aide with sharp teeth. Buying options
Legible, technical, clear. Spiced with a hint of retro. Buying options
A true workhorse. The only Grotesk you’ll ever need. Buying options
Dynamic and sportive. A well-balanced experiment for sparkling headlines. Buying options
An evergreen Grotesque that ages like fine wine. Buying options
Timeless Renaissance looks, gently updated. For novels and billboards alike. Buying options
A character actor that turns heads. Spiky serifs, soft ball terminals. Buying options
An unadorned Grotesque with a refreshingly personal touch. Buying options
An inscriptional titling font for truly epic headlines. Buying options
A character actor that turns heads. Spiky serifs, soft ball terminals. Buying options
The joy of pure geometry, revisited. Buying options
An industrious serif typeface from the good old days. Buying options
An open-hearted humanist sans-serif. Playful and friendly. Buying options
Stylish and determined. The urban alter ego of Glance Slab. Buying options

The fonts you use to communicate are the voice that express who you are. We offer a complete range of typefaces designed and produced to the highest conceptual and technical standard. As we think fonts should be fun and easy to use, our innovative licenses are fair and easy, too.

Browse our retail font catalog. Not a match? We’ll be happy to create a custom solution tailored to your needs—learn more about our type design services or just drop us a line.

Fonts And Identity

Everybody knows about the importance of a strong corporate identity for a thriving business. A corporate identity is what makes the values of any kind of enterprise visible to the customer. Corporate design is a major part of corporate identity—and a good corporate design needs the best fonts. The “corporate design” or visual identity of a brand is called branding. Since written words are an essential part of that identity, you need a distinct, legible and functional typeface for great branding. This is your brand font. Which fonts to choose for branding? You might be tempted to opt for a free font, which you can immediately download (see below). The best free fonts in 2021 can probably provide an adequate typographic base for successful branding. But usually, even good free fonts don’t come close to the branding capabilities of the best commercial fonts. And you don’t have to pay a fortune for excellent commercial fonts—Identity Letters offers you a fully-functional range of fonts with generous licenses and fair pricing.

Fonts For Reading

Branding isn’t the only use case for good fonts, though. Take editorial design, book design and publication design. The best fonts for editorial design in 2021 and the top 10 fonts for book design can be seen throughout many magazines, anthologies and catalogs globally—you’ll recognize them instantly! Keep this in mind: a great font for publications is less about uniqueness and more about even texture, spacing, language support, and OpenType features. Trendy fonts, hipster fonts, and hot new fonts make for cool titles and headlines in your indie mag, but your audience still wants to read the body copy above all. Identity Letters offers many well-built typefaces for editorial purposes: true workhorses with heaps of functions and carefully adjusted graphic balances. A superfamily like Allrounder, consisting of Allrounder Grotesk, Allrounder Antiqua, and Allrounder Monument, is among the best typefaces for novels, nonfiction books, text books, and scientific compilations and anthologies.

The Best Typeface For Your Industry

To be distinct enough and to provide a consistent look throughout the international market, you need a unique visual voice. This applies to the best web fonts in 2021 as well as fonts for print. Whether you design for sports or luxury brands, retail or consumer ventures, whether you need a font for B2B oder B2C services, food, travel, high-tech, music, entertainment, events, whether you are looking for a typeface for games, fine art, text books, a corporate presentation, an annual report, a theater program, a magazine or a website: the best fonts for print and the best fonts for websites are the typefaces that provide you with a distinct look while allowing you to access all the typographic functions you need. You can download millions of typefaces on the web and yet, there isn’t always a perfect match for every project. That’s where Identity Letters font services come in: Identity Letters offers font customization as well as the creation of completely exclusive Corporate Fonts and Custom Typefaces. These are drawn to match your individual needs and specifications and liberate you from virtually any kind of licensing restriction. Just contact us to ask about our customization and Custom (Corporate) Typeface services.

How to Get Hold of Your Font

What’s the easiest way to download fonts? Both free typefaces and commercial type can be downloaded easily. For free fonts, you usually just have to click a single button or are asked to provide your email address. That’s it. Getting commercial fonts isn’t much more complicated, though: to download commercial fonts, you usually just have to provide your credit card data and licensing address as an additional step. Sometimes, no credit card is even needed—you can use PayPal during checkout, for example. Identity Letters currently offers credit card payment only. The obvious benefit of commercial fonts: these typefaces are more exclusive and thus, make your business stand out (especially “underused fonts” or “underrated typefaces”, which are kind of a hidden gem for any graphic designer). There are other benefits, too: the best commercial fonts you can download from premium foundries and vendors offer a range of features and language support that are not often found in free fonts. Identity Letters fonts routinely come with such advanced OpenType features, such as small caps, arrows, and different figure sets. And: free updates and friendly support are included with every Identity Letters purchase. This is something you’ll virtually never get with a free font. Check out our font library here.