Faible — The open-hearted humanist sans-serif.
People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

An open-hearted humanist sans-serif. Playful and friendly.

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Faible is everybody’s darling. You cannot not like this good-natured humanist typeface. Sure, it’s a typeface for serious work—but all serious work is better when you put a smile on your face and a whistle on your lips.

The typeface itself isn’t rooted in calligraphy, but there are quite some details in Faible that reference handwriting and add a friendly, humanist facet to its appearance. Take the bowls of B, P, and R: they are merrily bulged, like balloons about to take off. The curved leg of the R adds to this joyful mood. Faible’s italics are rendered playfully, too: they’re not merely sloped Roman styles. Rather, they were designed independently with an internal dynamic that sets them apart on the page.

With its trademark glyphs, the swooshin’ K and k, and its friendly details, Faible will radiate optimism in display sizes, titles, and headlines. That makes it a great choice for book covers, posters, editorial design, branding, corporate design, advertising, and packaging. Nontheless, it’s carefully spaced and equipped with plenty OpenType features—a reliable tool for short texts and body copy, too.

The font family consists of six weights (ranging from Thin to Black), each with its corresponding italic style. Faible’s glyph set contains more than 600 characters, allowing you to enhance your layouts with ligatures, different sets of figures, case sensitive forms, arrows, and other necessities for the ambitious typographer. Faible is the typeface that puts “fun” back into “functional”.