Licenses — Our licenses are short & simple. You’ll love them.
People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

Typefaces are made for using. That’s why Identity Letters licenses are short & simple. (You’ll love them.)

All Identity Letters licenses include desktop use and webfont embedding. The only thing you have to specify when ordering a license is the number of Users that will use the fonts. You can upgrade anytime if you need to add more User later.

Studio or Publisher License?

You can choose between two kinds of license at Identity Letters.

If desktop and web use is all you need, our Studio License is the right pick for you. It offers the best value for businesses that create both static graphics and embed webfonts on their own websites.

If you're going to use the fonts for ebooks, (mobile) apps, or broadcasting, choose our Publisher License instead. It's a true Swiss army knife for digital publishers. (Yes, it includes everything covered by the Studio license, too.)

Make sure to read the EULA before ordering. Don't worry — it's an easy read. The EULA takes effect when you install the fonts.

But we know you like tables better than legalese. In fact, so do we. So here's a brief tabular overview over our licenses:

Studio LicensePublisher License
Desktop LicenseYes (user specific)Yes (user specific)
Web License: DomainsUnlimitedUnlimited
Web License: Pageviewsmax. 100.000 per month (across all domains)max. 1.500.000 per month (across all domains)
Mobile Application License5 Titles
E-Publishing5 Titles
Broadcast LicenseUnlimited
Document EmbeddingPDF onlyUnlimited
Third Party (Printers)YesYes
Third Parties
(Designer, Developer, ...)
Server LicensePlease get in touchPlease get in touch
OEM LicensePlease get in touchPlease get in touch

Educational Licenses

You’re a student? You’d like to step up your font game with real typefaces licensed from a real type foundry with real people? That’s fantastic and we love you!

To help you realize your brilliant projects (or just write a lavishly beautiful term paper), we offer educational licenses for students currently enrolled at a college or university. These licenses are exactly the same as our regular licenses, the only difference being the price. You pay 60% less for an educational license. Choose any product from our shop to benefit from this. What you get is really a full-fledged commercial license, so you might as well call this a student discount—or a bargain. And don't worry, after you have finished your studies, you are allowed to continue using your licensed typeface.

To get your 60% discount code, please email us a copy of your student ID. The discount code doesn’t stack with other discounts or promotions.

Anything else?

Didn't find the right license for your use case? We'll be happy to create tailor-made individual licenses to cover any of your typographic needs. Just get in touch.