Leifa — The Flare Serif. By Identity Letters
People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

A flare-serif socialite. Elegant and affable at once.

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Leifa is a flare-serif typeface that strikes a balance between elegant and affable. It’s pleasant to read in text sizes yet takes center stage in headlines and display applications.

With its higher-than-usual contrast, Leifa might evoke Didone typefaces at first. However, it differs from strictly Didone designs in the details: flattened serifs and deeply incised, tapered spurs provide an organic effect. These humanist elements are restrained and almost inconspicuous in body copy. It’s in display sizes that they realize their full potential. Set your message in Leifa, set it large, and it will get noticed.

A true socialite, Leifa is a most welcome guest on any party. With its dual character and a range of weights that allow for fine-tuning the desired visual voice, it’s a brilliant choice for branding and editorial design. Its good-natured yet sophisticated character makes Leifa the perfect typeface for fashion, sports, lifestyle, social media, food and cooking, health, beauty, architecture, interior design, art, literature, theater, and travel. (And any other topic that you’d love to talk about at a dinner in good company.)

The entire font family consists of eight weights. Each comes with an italic counterpart, totaling 16 styles. Leifa’s italics are oblique, optically corrected versions of the upright styles. Each style comprises a character set of 883 glyphs that includes small caps, a set of ligatures, tabular and old-style figures, case-sensitive forms, fractions, symbols, and many other features. Four stylistic sets allow you to adjust the appearance of the Leifa fonts: a single-story a (SS01), a simple f (SS02), a triple-story g (SS03), and thin punctuation marks (SS04) are at your disposal.

If you’re looking for a typeface with some debonair spirit, look no further than Leifa.