Werksatz v0.2.
An evergreen Grotesque that ages like fine wine.

Werksatz v0.2 (10 Fonts)
Thin Extra Light Light Book Regular Medium Semi Bold Bold Heavy Black


Inspired by early Grotesque typefaces such as Akzidenz Grotesk and Venus, Werksatz is our contemporary interpretation of this well-beloved genre.

Some things are timeless. These are the things that only get better with use. The aforementioned typefaces certainly belong into this category. Rediscovered by designers from every generation again and again, they are here to stay.

However, as tools evolve and technology moves on, a (so far) well-tried design has to adapt to this evolution continuously in order to stand the test of time. Werksatz will be such an adaptation, taking the best from the invincible classics and infusing them with the warm blood of today’s tech.

In its final release, Werksatz will comprise 20 styles and a huge character set, including Small Caps, Superior Letters, plenty figure sets (lining figures, tabular figures, old style figures, circled and squared figures, figures for small caps, … you get the idea), and heaps of other features.

Family Styles 10 styles, italics are on my list
Letter Shapes There might be small improvements on single letters, but overall the look and feel is set.
Character Set Very Basic! 400 of ca. 970 glyphs. Good language coverage (latin plus), one Set of figures (lining) with matching math and currency symbols, complete punctuation marks and a few other symbols like the ampersand, at-sign or Numero.
Spacing / Kerning The spacing is good. The lowercase, uppercase and a few other letters are basic kerned.
Next (Price) Update End of January
Next Update Includes Small Caps, more Figures, more Symbols and better Spacing/Kerning.
Final Release planned for Easter 2021
Final Price 255€