Friendly Fonts by Identity Letters
People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

Friendly Fonts

Whenever you want to communicate on a more informal basis, the best friendly fonts are the ones that are unconventional, yet approachable. These typefaces lend themselves to games, travel, packaging and more.

An evergreen Grotesque that ages like fine wine.
20 FontsStyle from 40 €Family from 255 €
An open-hearted humanist sans-serif. Playful and friendly.
12 FontsStyle from 30 €Family from 169 €
Refined elegance for the golden ages to come.
16 FontsStyle from 30 €Family from 159 €
A flare-serif socialite. Elegant and affable at once.
16 FontsStyle from 40 €Family from 209 €
A charming confidant. Italic, but without the slant.
8 FontsStyle from 30 €Family from 119 €