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FAQ / Support

Our FAQ covers most questions regarding our fonts, licenses, shop, and commissioned work. Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Don't hesitate to contact us.

General Questions

Do you offer discounts?

There are two types of discounts: special offers and student discounts. Special offers are strictly temporary promotions that allow you to buy our typefaces at a discounted price. As these are quite rare, don't wait too long to take advantage of promotions. If you don't want to miss any special offers, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified whenever there's a sale. Student discounts are available to anybody currently enrolled at a college or university. Scroll down to learn more.

Can I modify a typeface I purchased?

No. Modifying the font files in any way is prohibited by our EULA. However, you are allowed to convert a restricted set of letters to outlines or vector shapes (using software such as Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer) and modify these at will.

I compared your prices to reseller X. Why are your prices higher?

Our smallest license includes both web and desktop use. The price for this combined use is much lower than purchasing the equivalent licenses at any reseller. To cut a long story short: our shop is actually cheaper than any reseller. Shop with us to get the best price and the most permissive licensing terms.

Can I share your fonts with my client or pass them on to a contractor?

It depends on the license you've purchased. With our Studio License, you cannot give the font files to any third party except printers or prepress facilities that handle your work. Your contractors or other service bureaus need to purchase their own licenses.

With our Publisher License, you may give the files to graphic designers, printers or other service bureaus that work on your behalf—but only if they agree to use the files exclusively for your work.

Your clients will always have to get their own licenses if they want to work with the fonts. If there's a constant need for you to redistribute your typeface to clients, you might be interested in an extended license. Contact us and we'll work something our to to match your needs with a custom agreement. Your might also opt for an Identity Letter Custom (Corporate) Typeface that comes with virtually no restrictions at all.

Custom (Corporate) Typefaces and Modifications

Can I commission you to create a custom typeface for me?

Sure thing. Learn more about our type design services.

Can I commission you to modify a font for me?

Of course. Our own fonts, preferably! We can modify third party typefaces, too, if the license agreement permits these modifications. Learn more about our type design services.

Can you add a character to a font? Can you expand a font's scope of supported scripts/languages?

Yes, we offer modification of typefaces as a service. Learn more about our type design services.

Identity Letters Lab

What is the Lab?

At the Lab, you can purchase work-in-progress typefaces. In a nutshell, you get our future releases earlier and at a lower price.

What's the difference between retail fonts and Lab fonts?

Retail fonts are finished products, carefully completed and thoroughly tested. Lab fonts, on the other hand, are incomplete in one way or another: they might have a reduced character set, they might miss some language support, or they might lack any kerning whatsoever, for example. Any design features already present in the typeface might change drastically as the design progresses. You can see a Lab font grow whereas a retail font is a full-grown specimen already.

How do I benefit from the Lab?

  1. You pay less for what will be a normally priced, high-quality Identity Letters release in the future
  2. You get to use our fonts earlier than others—a bit of exclusivity that might give you the competitive edge you need
  3. With your feedback, you might help shape the final release the way you like
  4. We will provide you with any future update to your Lab typeface for free, including the final release

How do you benefit from the Lab?

Type design is a lengthy process. It requires a lot of time, diligence, and expertise to complete a single font family. That's why it isn't possible to publish a lot of typefaces in a given amount of time. The Lab, on the other hand, enables us to put out pre-releases more often, which in turn helps us to better understand the demand for certain kinds of typefaces. Moreover, interacting with actual users of our fonts during development helps us to realize better products in the long run.

Do I get free updates on Lab fonts?


Test Fonts

Can I share or pass on test fonts to others?

No. Our test fonts aren't freeware or shareware. Any user who wants to test our typefaces must download their own test font files using our form.

Before Your Font Purchase

What payment methods do your accept?

Currently, all payments are handled via Stripe. That means you need a credit card. We can arrange bank transfers and PayPal payments if you prefer. Please get in touch. However, it will take a few days from payment to download this way.

Who should buy the fonts? The designer or their client?

The individual or legal entity that is going to use the fonts is also the one who has to purchase a license. If you design a static graphic for a client, e. g., a printable (non-modifiable) PDF, you are the one who must buy a license. If your client wants to modify your designs on their own or if they want to create and edit text themselves with our typefaces, they have to get a license, too.

Do you offer Desktop-only licenses?

No. Our licenses always include both uses. We strongly believe that only a combined use is appropriate these days. If you must buy a Desktop-only license nontheless, head over to FontSpring. Rest assured, though, that you get a lot more in our shop at a competitive price.

Do you offer Web-only licenses?

No. Our licenses always include both uses. We strongly believe that only a combined use is appropriate these days. If you must buy a Web-only license nontheless, head over to FontSpring. Rest assured, though, that you get a lot more in our shop at a competitive price.

After Your Font Purchase

When will I receive my font files?

That shouldn’t take more than a few seconds after processing your payment. If it does take longer, please get in touch.

Can I upgrade my license?

Most definitely you can! You will only have to pay the difference between your current license and the larger one. Please get in touch and tell us what you need. We will send you a discount code you can use during checkout.

Can you refund my order?

We don't refund orders. Due to the digital format, all sales are final. (However, we offer test fonts so you know what'll get before buying.)

Which kind of warranty do you provide?

We will try our best to solve any technical problem that might occur when you are using the typeface. Just contact us; please include a detailed explanation of the problem and your system specifications. If we cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction within 30 days after your purchase, we will refund your order.

When will I get my invoice?

You should find it in your inbox right after your purchase has been completed. If it doesn't show up, please check your spam folders. Still no invoice? Please get in touch.

Can I re-download my order?

Yes. Simply Log in and download your files or invoice.

Installing and using fonts

I have a technical problem when trying to install or use your fonts. Can you help?

We'll do our best to help solve any issue that might occur while using our products. Just contact us; please include a detailed explanation of the problem and your system specifications. In most cases, rebooting your computer and deleting the font cache will solve your issue. (You can google plenty useful step-by-step explanations of how to delete and rebuild your font cache for any operating system you're working with.)


Can I use your test fonts for student projects?

Sure. We’d love to see your work! One exception: you can't use our test fonts if your student project serves a commercial purpose, e. g., a student-founded startup. In that case, please play by the rules and buy a license. (Don't worry, it's a lot cheaper for students.)

Do you offer student discounts?

We do! If you're currently enrolled as a college or university student, you get 60% off all licenses. Yes, that means you can use our fonts commercially, and yes, the license is yours even after you've finished your studies—it doesn't expire.

To get your 60% discount code, please email us a copy of your student ID.

Will you give me the full version of a typeface for for my student project?

You can get a free full version of any of our typefaces to use in noncommercial student projects. Please send us an email with your typeface request, your student ID and a short description of your project and we'll send you the font files. You may showcase your project online and offline, both during and after your studies, but you can't use the typeface for other projects unless you get a regular license. If you present your work online, please send us a link. (You’re not obliged to, though.) We'd really love to see what you've created with our products!