Nomos Slab. A lawful good-flavored brutalist slab. By Identity Letters.
People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

Nomos Slab

The Nomos superfamily is our take on the “brutalist” genre. Its raw aesthetics reveal an orderly construction rooted both in classic modernism and the internet age—with simple, functional letterforms and the blunt convergence of diagonal and vertical stems. Nomos Slab is a low-contrast workhorse with 18 styles and a set of 1000+ characters.

Nomos Slab – The complete family

These are all the styles contained in the Nomos Slab font family. You can purchase single fonts or family packages.

Nomos Slab Complete (19 Fonts)

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Nomos Slab – Styles

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Nomos Slab – Character Set

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Nomos Slab – Design Information

What is a brutalist typeface? The exact definition is anyone’s guess. Nonetheless, the Nomos superfamily is our take on the genre.

Like the eponymous architectural style of the second half of the 20th century, Nomos is raw, direct, and honest. Its unrefined aesthetics reveal an orderly construction that is just as firmly rooted in classic modernism as in the internet age.

This is most evident in the simple, functional letterforms and the blunt convergence of diagonal and vertical stems. After all, the brutalist spirit doesn’t see the need to hide the elements it consists of. Instead, it celebrates each material and each connection as it is, radiating the taste of order.

The Nomos Slab subfamily takes the form of a low-contrast unbracketed slab and is equipped with 18 styles and a set of 1000+ characters. In spite of its straightforward appearance, Nomos Slab grants you an impressive suite of advanced OpenType features. These include numerous figure sets (tabular, proportional, lining, and oldstyle figures, numerator, denominator, etc.), small capitals, and more than 10 stylistic sets.

Nomos Slab is on its home turf in a wide range of technology and finance-related industries, making it a great font choice for engineering and construction firms, banking and blockchain startups, tool and equipment manufacturers, as well as cargo and transport companies. However, Nomos Slab is pretty versatile, especially when infused with the effects of its stylistic sets. It will work brilliantly in countless use cases, from advertising to publishing to art & culture. True to its name, Nomos Slab will even perform in law-related branding, whether for an individual lawyer, a law firm, or an insurance company.

With that in mind, Nomos Slab humbly takes a back seat in body copy and shows its raw vigor in large sizes as its unique features don’t come at the expense of legibility. It’s a font family you can use confidently for small sizes; yet it still lets you set a crisp poster-size headline.

This kind of versatility makes Nomos Slab a top-tier tool for print and web alike. It’s apt for books, magazines, editorial design, brochures, leaflets, posters and billboards while also looking great in UI/UX design, on websites, blogs, social media graphics and interfaces, and all kinds of apps. For extra versatility and optimal results, pair it with Nomos Sans.

If true neutral has too little character for your project, opt for a lawful good alternative. That alternative is Nomos.

Spacing / Kerning: Sebastian Carewe
Graphics & Editing: Johannes López Ayala