Wayfinding Fonts by Identity Letters
People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

Fonts for Wayfinding

Our best fonts for wayfinding offer perfect legibility, clear shapes, distinguished characters, and an extended character set with arrows and some helpful icons.

Intro Offer
The taste of order in a brutalist sans.
19 FontsStyle from 199 €Family from 199 €
Legible, technical, clear. Spiced with a hint of retro.
32 FontsStyle from 40 €Family from 209 €
Neat and relaxed. With a British touch.
16 FontsStyle from 40 €Family from 209 €
An evergreen Grotesque that ages like fine wine.
20 FontsStyle from 40 €Family from 255 €
A true workhorse. The only Grotesk you’ll ever need.
20 FontsStyle from 40 €Family from 255 €