Allrounder Grotesk — The workhorse Grotesk
People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

Allrounder Grotesk.
A true workhorse. The only Grotesk you’ll ever need.

Allrounder Grotesk (20 Fonts)From €255.00 excl. VAT
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Allrounder Grotesk is a neutral, powerful Neogrotesk member of the Allrounder superfamily. An unobtrusive teamplayer as well as an excellent soloist, this hard-working sans-serif typeface is ready for any task you’ll throw it at.

A workhorse that lives up to its name, Allrounder Grotesk consists of ten weights ranging from a delicate Air to a powerful Black with 900+ glyphs per font. Each weight is accompanied by carefully hand-corrected italics. Allrounder Grotesk supports more than 200 Latin-based languages, containing the complete “LatinPlus” glyph set developed by Underware. It also provides you with plenty of OpenType features and additional goodies: small capitals, ten sets of figures, case-sensitive forms, ligatures, superiors, fractions and arrows. Equipped like this, you’ll be ready for any kind of sophisticated typesetting scenario you might encounter.

With Allrounder Grotesk, you’ve got a sans that works great for body text, yet looks crisp and clean in headlines and display sizes. Whether annual reports, magazine and editorial layouts, nonfiction books, branding and packaging work, large-scale advertising, forms and contracts, or contemporary posters: Allrounder Grotesk is up for it.

This multitalented font family was developed in a 2-year process by Moritz Kleinsorge. It was the first release of the Allrounder superfamily, a series of typefaces sharing the same color and horizontal metrics (cap height, small cap height and x-height): a typesetting system whose components match each other perfectly. Any other part of this design kit, e. g., Allrounder Antiqua or Allrounder Monument, may be easily combined with Allrounder Grotesk.

In any kind of design, in any type of medium, working with Allrounder fonts is effortless. That’s why Allrounder got its name.