Kisba Nova Headline — A sharp & soft Serif. By Identity Letters
People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

Kisba Nova Headline.
A character actor that turns heads. Spiky serifs, soft ball terminals.

Kisba Nova Headline (7 Fonts)From €70.00 excl. VAT
Thin Light Book Regular Medium Bold Black


All eyes on Kisba Nova: enter a typeface designed to arouse attention. Kisba Nova is that one guest who joins a party, and a murmur goes through the crowd. Kisba Nova is pure charisma.

Opposites attract: Kisba Nova combines sharp wedge serifs and spiky spurs with round and soft ball terminals. Infuse this with a neoclassical stroke contrast and you get a thrilling typeface driven by visual extremes.

Sure: Kisba Nova is a diva. But it’s a pro, after all. That’s why it comes in two optical sizes: Headline and Text. This makes sure it looks gorgeous in any situation.

The Kisba Nova Headline subfamily flaunts the trademark flamboyant looks and extravagant letters like f, k, and x. They bring you all of the excitement of the showbiz in large applications—use it for sizes of 24 Pt. and more. The extraordinarily designed, thin and monolinear diacritics, punctuation marks, and symbols of Kisba Nova Headline add to this modern and elegant character.

Kisba Nova Headline consists of seven weights from Thin to Black, offering plenty of possibilities to set headlines and titles. With about 600 characters per weight, it contains enough functionality for the demands of a skilled typographer. OpenType features, such as a large set of ligatures, extended language support, case-sensitive forms, different sets of figures, and arrows, enable sensational designs both in web & print layouts. Kisba Nova Headline celebrates the dual nature of softness and sharpness in a single typeface. It’s a character actor that turns heads.