Test Fonts — Test our Fonts for free.
People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

Test our Fonts for free

We want you to be one hundred percent satisfied with the fonts you order. To help you make a confident purchasing decision, we offer free trial versions of our typefaces. These allow you to test the fonts in your own layouts; in detail and without hurry.

Our test fonts aren’t freeware; they are subject to the terms and conditions of the Identity Letters Test Font End User License Agreement. Please read the EULA before downloading our test fonts.

To get access to trial versions of all fonts in our catalog, just enter your name and email address below.


Character Set & Features

Our test fonts come with a limited character set and no OpenType features. By experience, this scope is enough for 99% of all testing cases.

Test Font Character Set


If you need to test fonts with a complete character set, just write us an email. We can usually send you the requested typeface within 2 business days. (Most of the time, we’re faster, though.)

What you can (and can't) do with our test fonts

You can use test fonts for any internal testing that aids in deciding whether the typeface is a good fit for a certain use. You can also show your layouts to clients if they are the ones to make the purchasing decision. There is no time limit.

If you’re currently enrolled as a university or college student, you can use test fonts for your university projects as long as they’re noncommercial.

For any other use—personal or commercial, internal or external—you'll have to purchase a license.

Read the Identity Letters Test Font EULA. That's the document you agree to if you download our test fonts.