Werkdruck — a Serif from the old days. By Identity Letters
People have identities. So do typefaces. Fonts matter because identity matters.

Werkdruck v0.4.
An industrious serif typeface from the good old days.

Werkdruck v0.4 (9 Fonts)From €79.00 excl. VAT
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Now in the lab: WERKDRUCK. A transitional face from the good old days made fit for the internet age, Werkdruck is an industrious font family in the best of taste. With its turn-of-the-century flavor, it’s the perfect companion for Werksatz. Use these two hard-werking playmakers together in order to create admirably self-reliant designs.

Family Styles 9 Romans, matching italics are the next step
Letter Shapes There might be small improvements on single letters, but overall the look and feel is set.
Character Set 940 glyphs. Small Caps, different set of figures, extended latin. The character set is final
Spacing / Kerning The spacing and Kerning is good.
Next Update late summer
Next Update Includes Italics
Final Release planned for late Summer 2021
Final Price not set, probably 199€