Glance Slab — The dynamic Slab Serif. By Identity Letters
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Glance Slab

Glance Slab is an experimental design playing on the tension between connection and detachment. Gaps between strokes create a stencil-like, “sparkling” effect in large sizes—in small sizes, they work like ink traps. With 7 weights, 570 glyphs, and instant recognizability, Glance Slab is a perfect choice for branding and any large-scale application.

Glance Slab – The complete family

These are all the styles contained in the Glance Slab font family. You can purchase single fonts or family packages.

Glance Slab (7 Fonts)

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Thin Light Book Regular Medium Bold Black

Glance Slab – Styles

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Glance Slab – Character Set

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Glance Slab – Design Information

Glance Slab is an experimental design that plays on the tension between connection and detachment. In this typeface, serifs may be detached and some strokes may not connect to their stems. This creates a dynamic impression of balance and movement. The elegance of an ice skater and the determination of a quarterback: Glance Sans has it all.

Where a curve meets a stem and where serifs seem to “hover” near their respective letters, the nonjoining elements create an impression similar to a stencil typeface. But here, the function of the gaps differs from strictly stencil designs: while the gaps provide a “sparkling” effect in Glance Slab that’s clearly visible in large sizes, they take on the role of ink traps when set smaller, making for surprisingly legible body copy.

With its strong visual character, this font family is quickly recognizable, making it perfectly suitable for branding and any large-scale application, such as posters, billboards, and event signage.

Glance Slab consists of seven weights from Thin to Black. Each style has a character set of about 570 glyphs, which includes circled numbers and arrows (positive and negative versions), ligatures, extended language support, and many other features.

Did you know Glance Slab has got a secret identity? Upon leaving the hustle and bustle of the stadium, it assumes the character of an urban alter ego, Glance Sans, blending into the concrete jungle. Check out Glance Sans in the Lab