Baghira v0.3.
A trustworthy aide with sharp teeth.

Baghira v0.3 (2 Fonts) From €39.00 excl. VAT
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We’ve all been there: those times when you need a companion who will show you the right way to approach a challenge. Such an aide radiates confidence and reliability. So does Baghira, our contemporary serif typeface. Just like its feline namesake from Kipling’s “Jungle Book”, Baghira has an elegant, smooth appearance and an impressive set of large, sharp teeth. And like the panther, this typeface is poised enough to bear its serifs without flaunting. Try it out: despite the size of these wedges, you’ll feel that they are never distracting. In fact, they may even add to the reading flow by creating a horizontal drive in every line that draws you along, guiding you through the jungle of the text. That’s what faithful companions do, after all.

With smooth curves, precise corners, and rectangular dots, Baghira is a design rooted in the here and now. Its true italics gently allude to their calligraphic roots, but overall, Baghira doesn’t follow any historical model. This cool cat finds its own way.

Designed by Christian Gruber, with art direction by Moritz Kleinsorge, the Baghira font family will probably consist of 12 fonts in its final release, with 6 weights ranging from Light to Black. Its character set will contain 900+ characters per style, including small caps, different figure sets, circled numbers, arrows, and many more.

Whenever you are stuck in a project, just change your font to Baghira and let this trustworthy aide nudge you into the right direction. Is it guaranteed to work? No. But it’s always worth a try.

Family Styles not set, probably 12 styles
Letter Shapes There might be small improvements on single letters, but overall the look and feel is set.
Character Set Very Basic! 400 of ca. 900 glyphs. Good language coverage, one Set of figures (lining) with matching math and currency symbols, complete punctuation marks and a few other symbols like the ampersand, at-sign or Numero.
Spacing / Kerning The spacing and Kerning is good.
Next (Price) Update not set yet, probably late March
Next Update Includes Small Caps, more Figures and more Symbols
Final Release planned for Summer 2021
Final Price not set, probably 199€