New Test Fonts at Identity Letters
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New Test Fonts at Identity Letters

Better Test Fonts from us, better font testing for you!

Do you use our test fonts or are you going to? Then we got some great news about for you.

In fact, test fonts are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s great to be able to test a font in actual layouts rather than browser-based type testers. On the other hand, the character set is often limited in a way that affects those exact layouts.

That’s why we decided to expanded the character set of all of our test fonts considerably. Starting now!

In the past, trying to typeset any other language than English with Identity Letters test fonts was a pain in the serif (let’s be honest here). The limited glyph set just lacked diacritics. These times are over now: all accented characters to be found in the fully licensed product are part of the test fonts set, too.

Some limitations still apply. For example, our test fonts come with a single figure set (tabular figures in most cases), basic punctuation and only a few symbols. That should be just fine to evaluate the quality of our fonts for any kind of project before your purchase, though.

Take a look at this example text in French. Our next-generation test fonts won’t confront you with Tofu any more. Granted, old-style figures would be preferable in this text, as would be small caps for acronyms. Also, the two superior letters are displayed the wrong way. But keep in mind that these fonts are made for testing! The full version comes with all the nice OpenType goodies we love to typeset perfect copy with.

Are you a student? Feel free to use the test fonts in university projects. Read more about what you are allowed to do in our FAQ.

Download our new test fonts here!

Test Fonts: Before and Now