Allrounder Monument.
An inscriptional titling font for truly epic headlines.

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Book Regular Medium

Signature Glyphs & Design Features

A typeface is a beautiful collection of letters, not a collection of beautiful letters. Yet, there are some hallmark glyphs and design features in every typeface. They are designed in a special way not to stand out, but to shape the character of the typeface as a whole.


Allrounder Monument is an inscriptional, dignified member of the Allrounder superfamily.

This all-caps typeface with delicate serifs was inspired by ancient inscriptions on columns, monuments, and buildings in Rome: letters as old as two millennia that radiate their own classic charm. Allrounder Monument picks up this atmosphere in order to create a typographic tool that lives up to contemporary demands. It infuses today’s designs with a hint of history and an air of exclusivity.

Allrounder Monument is a timeless titling typeface. You might use it for posters, magazines, book covers, greeting cards, advertising or packaging work, and even signage. If you want an even more spectacular and exciting headline or title, additional Discretionary Ligatures and a Stylistic Set provide the necessary OpenType power to achieve this goal with ease.

As Allrounder Monument is a part of the Allrounder superfamily, you can combine the three weights Book, Regular and Medium with the corresponding weights of Allrounder Grotesk. The Allrounder superfamily is a series of typefaces sharing the same color and horizontal metrics (cap height, small cap height and x-height): a typesetting system whose components match each other perfectly. Any other part of this design kit, e. g., Allrounder Grotesk or Allrounder Antiqua, may be easily combined with Allrounder Monument.

Whenever you need a truly epic headline, Allrounder Monument is the best horse in your barn. Ad astra!